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Mindful Breathing Exercise

Disclaimer: Please complete this exercise safely and to the best of your ability. If you feel that you are unable to safely complete this exercise, please refrain from participating. You may also stop at any point if you feel uncomfortable or unsafe. Please consult a...

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Pillar 4: Intellectual Wellness

“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.”- Henry Ford Intellectual wellness is defined as recognizing one's creative abilities and finding ways to expand knowledge and skills. Keeping the mind active keeps...

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Pillar 3: Emotional Wellness

Emotional wellness is best described as how we manage our feelings and how we satisfy our emotional needs through the practice of healthy and constructive habits. Maintaining emotionally beneficial habits is essential to feeling content with your lifestyle, your...

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Pillar 2: Nutritional Wellness

Have you ever heard the popular expression “You are what you eat”? Nutritional wellness is based on understanding our bodies and minds' essential nutritional sources to function healthily. Our diet has an astounding effect on many life processes, including appearance,...

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Pillar 1: Physical Wellness

Part I: Physical “Good morning! How’re you feeling today?” But really…How ARE you feeling? Physical wellness is at the forefront of our attention because it is the first thing that we notice when we start the day. Sometimes, the...

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Teen Anger Filters

If you are a teen looking to understand how your anger increases (or builds up), look no further. We are here to introduce to you the "AMU Teen Anger Filters." By now, you probably already know what a filter is. However, just to review, a "Filter" is a design,...

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Mindful Breathing Exercise

Check out our free "Mindful Breathing" exercise video. Disclaimer: Pleasecomplete this exercise safely and to the best of your ability. If you feel that you are unable to safely complete this exercise, please refrain from participating. You may also stop at any point...

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The Science of Anger

Check out the free infographic below to find out more information about the science of anger and how anger management can be helpful for you! Science-of-Anger-Infographic-1Download

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Overcoming “What If”

Battling the possibilities of everything that could have happened in the past is an everyday struggle many people experience. "What if I acted differently? Would my life be better than it is now?" Being held captive by hindsight can happen when we over-embellish...

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Three Ways to Manage an Emotional Crisis

Has acting in anger ever created an emotional crisis for you? Have you felt so angry that you punched a wall, pushed things over, or screamed? After you did so, did you feel shame, guilt, regret, or other intensive feelings that can result in an emotional crisis?...

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Trauma and Anger: 6 Questions to Consider

Trigger Warning: The following blog post discusses trauma, including the definition, possible causes, and its potential impact on you and/or your children. Please be advised.  If you want to help your child to manage their anger, you first have to help yourself.  One...

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Anger and Perfectionism: How Perfection Stops Anger Control

One of the most difficult challenges for people to overcome in their recovery from problematic anger is perfectionism. Oftentimes, when someone begins anger management, they express deep feelings of shame and regret about they way they acted when they were angry...

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