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Overcoming “What If”

Battling the possibilities of everything that could have happened in the past is an everyday struggle many people experience. "What if I acted differently? Would my life be better than it is now?" Being held captive by hindsight can happen when we over-embellish...

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Three Ways to Manage an Emotional Crisis

Has acting in anger ever created an emotional crisis for you? Have you felt so angry that you punched a wall, pushed things over, or screamed? After you did so, did you feel shame, guilt, regret, or other intensive feelings that can result in an emotional crisis?...

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Trauma and Anger: 6 Questions to Consider

Trigger Warning: The following blog post discusses trauma, including the definition, possible causes, and its potential impact on you and/or your children. Please be advised.  If you want to help your child to manage their anger, you first have to help yourself.  One...

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Anger and Perfectionism: How Perfection Stops Anger Control

One of the most difficult challenges for people to overcome in their recovery from problematic anger is perfectionism. Oftentimes, when someone begins anger management, they express deep feelings of shame and regret about they way they acted when they were angry...

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Introverts & Extroverts – Finding Balance

For a long time, I had my ideas about extroverts and introverts.  I thought extroversion and introversion were related to how outgoing someone is: extroverts are outgoing and free-spirited, while introverts are careful and observant. After exploring the two...

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Self-Care, Emotional Intelligence, and COVID-19

Caring for Self During These Unprecedented Times  The COVID-19 pandemic has added an unprecedented level of stress to our lives. Families, communities, and individuals are experiencing the weight of constant emerging uncertainties and risks associated with the...

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Tis’ The Season: Tips for Managing Holiday Triggers

Thanksgiving is officially upon us. For many people in the United States, Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the holiday season. While some feel excitement about the upcoming holidays, others may feel an underlying sense of stress, concern, and/or anxiety. These...

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The Power of Acceptance

At times, life can be challenging. We are exposed to triggers for anger, stress, and frustration daily. Triggers can be viewed as small (like stubbing your toe or misplacing your keys) or large (like traffic making you late to work). When exposed to triggers, if you...

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An Interview with Co-Founder, David Morgan, LCSW, CAMF

Are you curious about the foundations of Anger Management U? Do you have interest in learning more about one of our founders, David Morgan? Check out David's recent podcast with John Clarke. Here is the description: David Morgan joins the show to talk about his...

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Stress and Anger: 6 Ways to Take Control Now

Want a quick way to control your anger? Try to manage your stress. For those who struggle with controlling their anger, stress is the largest indicator that an outburst could be near. Stress is defined by The American Institute of Stress as, "a condition or feeling...

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Digging Deeper – Uncovering the Emotions Under Your Anger

Chances are, if you are reading this blog, you are interested in learning how to control your anger more effectively. One of the most effective ways to control anger is to recognize the emotions underneath it. Did you know that when you feel anger, there is almost...

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