Court-Ordered Anger Management


Court-Ordered Anger Management Classes

Court-Ordered Anger Management Classes are often required by law for individuals involved in legal incidents where anger is a significant factor. These classes aim to help individuals understand and control their anger, preventing future conflicts.

The Importance of Compliance

Compliance with court-ordered programs is not only a legal obligation but also an opportunity for personal development. Participants learn valuable skills for managing responses to anger-provoking situations.

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Components of the Court-Ordered Program:



The Heavy Costs of Anger

Understanding the negative consequences of unmanaged anger.

Behavioral Strategies

Techniques to control anger and avoid aggressive behaviors.

Conflict Resolution

Learning how to resolve disputes without escalation.

Benefits of Completing the Program



Fulfillment of Legal Requirements

Ensures compliance with court mandates.

Improved Personal Relationships

Reduces the chances of conflicts in personal interactions.

Better Stress Management

Teaches techniques to manage stress effectively, reducing overall levels of frustration.

Enrolling in the Program


Enrolling in a Court-Ordered Anger Management Class typically involves:

Verification of Court Orders

Ensuring the program meets the requirements stipulated by the court.

Regular Attendance

Participants must attend all sessions to receive a certificate of completion.

Active Participation

Engaging in discussions and activities to maximize the benefits of the program.

Program Delivery Options


Individual Anger Management Classes

Offered both in-person and online, these classes provide a flexible option for meeting court requirements while accommodating personal schedules.

Group Anger Management Classes

These in-person sessions encourage group interaction and shared experiences, enhancing the learning process.

Frequently Asked Questions


What happens if I miss a class?

You will have to make the class up and there will be an additional fee if this is a group class or we do not receive 24 hour’s notice for an individual appointment.

How can I prove completion to the court?

We will provide you and /or your attorney with a letter and certificate of completion.

Are there online options available?

Yes, we currently offer live 1:1 online video sessions.

What skills can I expect to learn from the classes?

Emotional Intelligence Skills, Communication Skills, Stress Management Skills and awareness of the anger progression.

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Court-Ordered Anger Management Classes are crucial to meeting legal obligations and fostering personal growth and development. These programs offer a structured and supportive environment to learn and practice new skills for managing anger effectively, benefiting individuals and their communities.

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