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Long Island Anger Management Classes for Teens

anger management for teens classes in Long Island - Teenage Anger Management LocalOur Long Island anger management teen program is full of engaging ways for teens (ages 13-18) to learn about anger, to understand their emotions, to explore their needs, and to learn communication,stress management, and anger management skills.

What We Teach in Our Local Teen Anger Management Classes

In this program we teach core skills using our Anger Filters™ workbook, which serve as the program anchors. This program is filled with fun activities and lessons that keep adolescents engaged and learning, it also includes parent meetings.  Typically takes 8-12 sessions to learn the skill sets. We also teach an anger management class online for teens.

The Benefits of Mastering these Anger Management Techniques for Teens Include:



Better understanding of self


Layout anger management plan


Improved impulse control


Improved communication


Improved problem solving and decision making


Improved parental interventions


Stress management techniques


Improved self-control, empathy and compassion

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Learn the Needed Anger Management Skills for Teens

All of our programs utilize the same curriculum, Managing Our Anger, Managing Our Lives. This 9-step process teaches awareness of the anger progression and practical anger management skills that really work. We offer many different program options to help accommodate your schedule and or lifestyle.

Please select an option below:

Teen Group Program

Stony Brook – Long Island, NY (8 weeks)

Private 1:1 Sessions

Stony Brook – Long Island, NY
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