Anger Management Programs in Long Island


In-Person Anger Management Programs in Long Island

At AMU we simplified anger management by creating tools that are easy to understand and use. Licensed therapists facilitate all of our programs, and they’re extensively trained and really passionate about anger management. AMU’s in-person programs utilize our published workbooks, which are filled with practical activities and lessons that keep people engaged and learning, while also having fun! The child and adolescent programs also include a parent component. Our local Long Island anger management programs take place in our new beautiful office in Stony Brook, NY. Although some participants choose the online option, many still prefer to come to our local office. Here are some reasons AMU graduates like coming to the in-person programs at the office: 

  • Ability to have some alone time while investing in themselves
  • Gain support from others that are experiencing anger
  • Prefer in-person interactions and not comfortable with technology 
  • Enjoy the tranquil setting of the office 
  • Love the Pandora playlists playing in the background!

 Anger Management U offers in-person options for those located near Long Island: 

Live Workshops for Schools, Businesses or Organizations

Anger Management Programs in Long Island for Kids, Teens, and Adults

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Anger Management
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Anger Management

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