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Join the Online Anger Management Course

Learn the skills to manage your anger from the comfort of your home or office. The “Anger to Awareness” online anger management course is an innovative and skills-based course. You will learn and progress at your own pace by using the engaging online format. Once you complete this course, you will be able to download and print a certificate of completion.

This can be utilized as a self-help program, to satisfy a work requirement, and as supplemental education to support your progress in psychotherapy or relationship counseling.


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Anger Management Workbook for Adults

It’s time to take control. Anger can be a harmless emotion; but if you lose control of your anger, it can also be a dangerous one. The damage of losing control of your anger can be severe: destroyed relationships, loss of employment, low self-worth, and legal consequences.


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Whether you are looking to learn more about anger or are ready to change your life for the better – this is the book for you. The “Managing Our Anger, Managing Our Lives” Anger Management workbook offers an easy-to-understand, practical and direct way to master the skills needed to control your anger.

The best part?

From page one, you will be able to immediately learn and apply anger management skills. Use this educational book in a way that is right for you: on your own, with a program, or with a coach/support. Inside you will find: A pre and post-program self-assessment, information on the science of anger, a distinctive nine-step tool to help you understand the anger process, simplified strategies to quickly help you stay in control, advanced strategies to master your level of control, skills for enhancing communication, lessons on emotional intelligence and stress management, and more! It’s time to take control. Order your copy today.

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Anger Management Workbook for Kids

Exciting. Engaging. Effective. “Training Your Anger Monster: A Top-Secret Manual” is a fun and appealing workbook that teaches children to manage their anger. In this workbook, children learn skills to manage their “Anger Monster,” a tricky and not-so-nice monster that takes over when they feel angry. Completing this workbook will allow the participant to become an official “Anger Monster Trainer (AMT),” which is a highly coveted title!


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This workbook is full of engaging ways for children to learn about anger, to understand their emotions, to explore their needs, and to learn communication, stress management, and anger management skills. It is filled with pictures, activities, and lessons that keep children engaged and learning, while also having fun! What’s even better is that anyone can use it to help their child, including parents, helping professionals, therapists, anger management coaches, school officials and more. The workbook covers topics like:

 Building a Strength Shield (Healthy Self-Esteem)

  •          Wise Words for Anger Allies (How to Help Your Child Learn)
  •          Designing Your Uniform (Self-care and Regulation)
  •          Learning About the Anger Monster (Understanding Anger)
  •          Where We Feel Emotion (Mind-Body Connection)
  •          Labeling of Emotion (Emotional Awareness)
  •          Saying Our Feelings (Communication)
  •          Trance Time (Slowing Down)
  •          Slow Motion Mode (Pausing)
  •          Retreat Mode (Timeouts)
  •          Catch and Crush (Stress Management)
  •          Morphing Mode (Empathy)
  •          Unmet Needs (Assertiveness)

Have fun, learn new skills, and train your Anger Monster!

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Anger Management Workbook for Teens

#TeenAngerManagement is an effective and engaging workbook that teaches teens to manage their anger. Within the theme of “Connection” and “Technology,” teens will learn to connect to and master skills for anger control. Tech-integrated concepts, like “Anger Filters” are creatively utilized to help teens understand how anger escalates, and how it can be controlled.


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    The workbook is filled with pictures, interactive activities, and lessons that will keep your teen engaged and learning, while also having fun! What’s even better is that anyone can use this workbook to help their teen: including parents, helping professionals, therapists, anger management coaches, school officials, and more.

     This workbook covers topics like:

    • Building Healthy Self-Esteem
    • Self-Care and Regulation
    • Stress Management Strategies
    • Emotional Awareness Techniques
    • Communication Skills
    • Emotional Intelligence Skills
    • Assertiveness and More!

    This book is recommended for teenagers from ages 12 to 18.

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