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At AMU, we simplify anger management by creating tools that are easy to understand and use. All of our programs are facilitated by licensed therapists who are extensively trained and really passionate about anger management. Our programs utilize our published workbooks, which are filled with practical activities and lessons that keep people engaged and learning, while also having fun! The child and adolescent programs also include a parent component. Our private online anger management programs are offered via live confidential video sessions. The online option is similar to our local Long Island anger management class content, but this online platform allows anyone to have real-time sessions with one of our providers from anywhere in the world. You have the freedom to participate from the privacy of your home, office or hotel room. Online classes are beneficial if you are having trouble finding an anger management coach in your area, have a busy schedule, travel often for business/pleasure or if you are a celebrity or government official that requires an additional level of privacy. 

Anger Management U offers plenty of online options to fit in with your lifestyle and meet your needs: 

NEW Live Online Adult Anger Management Groups via live video

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