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Anger Management for Adults Online

anger management techniques for adult training programs - Adult Anger Management OnlineAnger management at your fingertips! Register for our online anger management class to learn a simplified 9-step process that teaches awareness of anger and practical anger management skills.

What Our Online Anger Management Classes for Adults Cover

In our online program you will learn about our powerful anger management tool, known as the Anger Control-ometer™, which is illustrated in our published workbook, Managing Our Anger, Managing Our Lives. To measure your progress and overall program effectiveness, you will also have the benefit of taking a pre and post program assessment. Results from prior online program participants indicate a very high success rate for increased anger control.

Court-Ordered & Mandated Referrals Requests

Please note that although we accept court and employment mandated referrals, the majority of our participants are actually self-referred because anger is negatively impacting a significant relationship. If you are interested in using our program to fulfill a court or employment mandate, please check with your attorney or employer for approval before registering. All of the programs we offer at AMU are private and confidential.  

Private Online Anger Management Classes for Adults

Our private online anger management program is offered via live confidential video sessions. Similar to our Long Island anger management classes for adults, this allows anyone to have a real time 1:1 session with one of our certified coaches from anywhere in the world. You have the freedom to participate from the privacy of your home, office, or hotel room. Online classes are beneficial if you are having trouble finding an anger management coach in your area, have a busy schedule, travel often for business/pleasure, or if you are a celebrity or government official that requires an additional level of privacy.

We also offer online anger management programs for kids and teens


The Benefits of Mastering these Anger Management Techniques for Adults Include:



Better understanding of self and others


Enhanced emotional intelligence


Improved impulse control


Improved communication skills


Improved problem solving and decision making


Accepted for court referred clients


Stress management techniques


Improved self-control, empathy and compassion


Referrals welcomed by H.R. and EAP specialists, managers, supervisors, etc

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Learn the Needed Anger Management Skills for Adults

All of our programs utilize the same curriculum, Managing Our Anger, Managing Our Lives. This 9-step process teaches awareness of the anger progression and practical anger management skills that really work. We offer many different program options to help accommodate your schedule and or lifestyle.

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Private Online Video Sessions



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