Teen Anger Filters

If you are a teen looking to understand how your anger increases (or builds up), look no further. We are here to introduce to you the “AMU Teen Anger Filters.”

By now, you probably already know what a filter is. However, just to review, a “Filter” is a design, setting, or overlay on your photos that can be used to change your photos in a number of ways (like the brightness, color, shadows, overlays, etc). Filters can help you to express yourself, your feelings, and your mood to those around you.

When it comes to anger, we want you to begin thinking of your anger as a “filter” that impacts how you see the world! Also, anger management is a lot like applying filters to your photos. The “Anger Filter” model can help you to understand what makes you “heat up” towards anger or “cool down” away from it. Check out our “Heating Up” and “Cooling Down” filters below!

“Heating Up” Filter: From Stress to Rage

The “Heating Up” filter shows us steps that cause us to increase our anger from “Stress” to “Rage.” The angrier you get, the redder the filter gets , making it hard for others to see or understand you and also harder for you to think clearly and make good choices.

“Cooling Down” Filter: From Anger to Control

The “Cooling Down” filter shows us the steps you can take to decrease your anger and help you to stay calm. The calmer you get, the lighter blue the filter gets , making it easier to find helpful solutions, work with others, and control your anger.

The Graphic!

For both filters, check out our image below. If you would like to learn more about what each filter means, consider purchasing our workbook here.

iPad 1024x783 - Teen Anger Filters



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