The Communication Challenge

Healthy communication is one of most important anger management skills. Many individuals identify that some of the largest triggers for anger are feeling unheard, disrespected, disregarded or misunderstood. These individuals also often identify that when they are unable to communicate these emotions, the result is often increased anger, and even rage.

Think of the last time you experienced feelings of anger. Were you feeling disregarded, disrespected, unheard, isolated or misunderstood? If you answered yes: did you communicate these feelings to someone else?

Anger Management helps individuals improve their communication in many ways. Some of these ways include learning to identify feelings and needs, discussing emotions, and learning to assertively (not aggressively) ask for those needs to be met.

If you would like to know more about how we can help you with communication, contact us. You may also check out our workbook, which includes over 5 distinct lessons on communication.



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